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Last years tax report

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How do I upload a 2020 tax report into Intuit from a tax preparer to a new tax preparer

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Level 15

 What format is the 2020 tax report?

What do you mean by upload to a new preparer?

Or, if I'm mind reading correctly:

You have a pdf copy of a 2020 return and want to have it magically pro forma to 2021 tax software.

Not gonna happen.

Level 15

Is "into Intuit" describing that you are a user of Intuit Link and your preparer asked you to load documents for them to retrieve?

Because "into Intuit" is like stating "into General Electric." It's the company, not the products.

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
Level 9

You probably will have to enter the 2020 return manually.

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