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Empty Schedule K-1s for States

Level 1

I have two Schedule K-1s that are empty, 

The CO Sch K-1 at that note that the Patnership at 0% Sales but had Nexus do the CO wages being paid - Do I need to file a blank CO Take S Corp return?

And for CT I got a blank Sch K-t with Supplemental Information for "Sch J - Bonus Deprectiaton Reocvery"   Do I need to file a CT S Copor Return?

Note I"m a S Corp in WI .  Also would I (the S Corp) need to pass along Sch K-1s to all the member for CO and CT? 

Thanks for an insight anyone has on this!

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Level 15

Yes you need to file CO return because there is nexus.

Is there nexus in CT?

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Thank you, 

I would say "yes", there is a note on the Sch K-1 for CT for "bonus depreciation recovery". and values, but that is all on that Sch K-1.  Seems the Company purchased a CT company.


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