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Why is the 2023 NC Partnership Program Client Letter saying quarterly estimates are due?

Dave Dyer
Level 1

I have multiple rental real estate partnerships with properties that are 100% in NC and all owners are in NC. None have made PTE elections. My client letters are generating random small quarterly estimated payments, however, no vouchers are generated but slip sheets are. I can override the instructions by entering a -1 in screen 42.241 2024 estimated tax so the client letter is correct but the slip sheets still generate (which I can ignore). I was on the phone with Lacerte support for over who used one of my client files to try to identify the problem. The only way they could "fix" it was to remove the revenue from the Form 8825 input screen which of course threw it into a loss so estimates would then be N/A. They were helpful but didn't seem to think there was a problem with the Lacerte program. Any ideas or is anyone else having this issue?

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