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When would the Final LLC Return be Filed

 Hello Lacerte Community

I have a client who has a husband/wife California LLC which is taxed as an LLC. They voluntarily voted to cease their business operation and LLC in tax year 2022. However, they retained a small amount of cash to be used to pay the tax preparer for doing the final tax return (2022). Because this expense is to be paid in early 2023 and the remaining small amount of money (less than $350) to be distributed to the partners at the same time does this mean that the final return can't be until the 2023 Tax return is filed? Furthermore does this mean that the $800 franchise tax fee must be paid for Tax year 2023?

I have not had experience with dissolving an LLC before and upon researching it over the last several days I am not sure what the conclusion would be under these circumstances.

Any help would be appreciated.



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