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Stop INTUIT phone calls RINGING in the middle of the night.

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I have received LACERTE canned phone messages at 4:09 am + right before midnight on my families home phone.

Not appreciated at all. Haven't found my home phone listed in my account data. What am I forgetting? I  thank you for your kind help. JEA

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Are you sure that's Lacerte?

What kind of "canned phone messages" are these?  It can't be marketing because no company in the right mind will call anyone at those unearthly hours to sell anything since it would just have the opposite effect.

Especially since you've never given Intuit your home phone number, it's inconceivable that these calls would have anything to do with your Lacerte account.

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Btw, you don't seem to realize that this is not Intuit Support.  Instead, it's a peer to peer forum.  We do, however, have a couch for those who want to work through their psychological trauma but you'll have to excuse us if we're not of too much help since we can't practice psychology due to the limitations of our licenses.

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Just because a caller identifies himself as a Nigerian prince, doesn't mean that he is one. (However, the time zone difference might be a hint about where he's calling from.)

Just because a caller identifies herself as an IRS agent who will come arrest you for tax fraud unless you proceed immediately to WalMart and buy iTunes gift cards, doesn't mean that's who she is.  

Just because the caller ID says Intuit, doesn't mean that's who called.  It's easy to counterfeit those names and numbers.  

Many of our problems today arise from gullible people being too quick to believe anything they are told.  You have probably had to tell clients that the Internet rumors they have heard about tax deductions are not true.  Be sure to practice skepticism, in your own life.