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Preparer who filed and signed a tax return and later was not paid. What are the remedies?

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I filed a tax return and signed the return and did not get paid.  Do I contact the IRS and recall the tax return now that I'm not 

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No, that's not how it works.  The IRS doesn't 'care' whether you get paid; contact an attorney, consider smalls claims; chalk it up to experience; get paid before efiling in the future.

I'm am curious how you think one 'recalls' a tax return ?

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A few years ago I completed preparation and sent it to client. They never signed the 8879 and never paid me. I did not e-file it.

I checked the online Where's my refund? and the refund was exactly the same as what I prepared.

You are still the "paid preparer" even when you don't get paid. Read Circular 230 for the definition.

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Did the guy happen to have 2 middle initials that he wanted to show up on the return?

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