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nice client story

I think I messed* up the 2553 election last year and now the client is angry.  Nevertheless, she wrote an appreciation to me today and wishes to my family for a Happy Easter.   (People are good and decent ......yet complaining about clients is probably essential for our mental health.)

It's a short story but a good one.

* I didn't include the late language on the 2553 but I did file it correctly and referenced two Rev Procs. I think it was correct and I think the IRS made the mistake.  But now it is a hassle to get the IRS to change it. 


 " But if you do feel the need to print all 59 copies, can you at least keep all of the copies together rather than playing 52 card pickup with all of your tax documents."

Client education isn't easy, especially during tax season. "I need only 1 copy" is an easy thing to communicate. Have you been able to teach some of your clients?


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And next year I will end up with zero copies.  Dealing with some clients is like dealing with Intuit ------ sometimes you just need to figure out a work around.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

Case in point on the difficulties of client education:

Client retired from Minnesota.  His fellow employees brought in a cake for him on his last day on the job.  Before the cake was even digested, he was on a plane to his new home out west.  I believe that was 4 years ago.  Every year since the big move, he continues to have MN taxes withheld on his pension and on his IRA distributions ----------- even though he has been told each year not to do that.  So do we need to bring in a tutor to assist in that client education?

Slava Ukraini!

So do we need to bring in a tutor to assist in that client education?


Client education will be something for me to chew on until the last day of my practice.  Good luck to you amigo!