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Questions shift down on the questionnaire when printing the organizer

JoAnn C
Level 2

I print several tests of my organizer and everything is fine.  As I start printing more clients, the questions shift down the page on the questionnaire.  Has anyone else had this happen?  It works fine for a while but then shifts and throws everything off.  Is there a way to insert a hard page break or set up a header so the YES NO heading shows at the top of each page?  Thanks for your help

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Level 15

The functionality of the Lacerte organizer can best be summed up by Raphie playing assistant tire changer -      OH FUDGE!

Most folks that have posted Lacerte issues for the 2020 package have posted about issues with the organizer ----------------- and there are a lot of posts with different issues about the organizer.  If rebooting your computer doesn't help, sounds like you will have to wait for a future update.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15

There is no specific page break. I have fiddled with mine (and shortened it) by adding hard returns on page 1 to force a heading to page 2. I only have a 2 page questionnaire. 

I use 2 side - Letter/engagement - question page 1/2 - that ever comes after. The letter address fits my envelope, so no slip sheet. 

I printed several times to pdf BEFORE committing to paper. I am still only in the planning phase and I do not trust that all is well with 2019 organizer/proforma yet. New update today, but there are still reports of unrest among the troops.


Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
Level 15
Is it sort of like OH SHIP? https://youtu.be/_Hfz0yRIeqs

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
Level 15

You can do the Yes No Heading on each page if you can figure out the keyword/code in the editing process. But you determine where the page begins.

I have also found that once you get it right, print only from the same printer. It will come out different on other printers, even if they are the exact same model.