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QBI loss CF to 2022 - where is the worksheet?

I have rental properties with QBI and some with QBI Losses.  A net QBI loss will be carried forward to 2022.  Is there a worksheet that shows the specific QBI loss for each rental that is carried forward to 2022?  I don't see one. (I'll know this when I transfer the 1040 to 2022 later this year. That doesn't help me now.)

I'm doing a projection for 2022

Tax Planner has no input boxes for QBI losses in the Prior Year Unallowed PAL section.  I could be missing it as I don't know the planner that well. (I don't like the planner software but that is a topic for another day.)

I think I need to understand how losses are calculated.  My guess is that QBI income is allocated by a proportion of the QBI loss of a specific rental to the total QBI loss of all rentals. 

LC could do this instead of me, so I'll add this to the improvements for next year.

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