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QBI details transferred from K-1 Import program within Lacerte

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Has anyone else had a problem with Lacerte importing multiple amounts for the same entity of QBI details into the pass-through screen for K-1's?  When I was working on projections, I imported the information from the partnerships to the corresponding partners to run the projection numbers for the 1040's.  Now going back with final amounts, I redid the import with the correct/final amounts, but there are multiple entries for the same K-1's with both an incorrect and the correct amount.  I did not keep the projection K-1 that was originally imported for the projection, so I am not POSITIVE that that is where the extra number/entry is from, but I cannot figure out how else it would have gotten there. 

Anyone else have double entries in the pass-through K-1 screens in the 1040 program for imported QBI details?  

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