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NOL carryforward to 2022 and NOL absorbed in 2021.

Level 2

Critical diagnostic #53656. I understand that I need to override the NOL absorbed in 2021 but don't know what that needs to be.  If I enter -1, then it creates taxable income of $1278.  All these schedules and I still can't figure it out.  I have conferenced with 3 other CPA's having the same issue. The data is below:

NOL Worksheet 1 line 24: <2,700>

Computation of nonbusiness income: 21,176. Deduction is the standard 28,400.

Computation of 2021 Taxable income for NOL Utilization:  Taxable Income <12,555> +  NOL carryover from 2020 and later years: 9,222 = 2021 Taxable income before NOL deduction <3,333>

Schedule 1 line 8a: Initial Loss 9,222. NOL carryover available in 2021: 9,222. Taxable income before NOL  deduction: <3,333>. NOL absorbed this year: 0. Taxable income after NOL deduction: 0. NOL carryforward to 2022: 9,222

NOL Worksheet 3: NOL carryover to 2022: Worksheet 1 line 25: 2,700. excess business loss: 0. NOL carryover to next year: 2,700.

What is the NOL absorbed in 2021???

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