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Is it possible to install Lacerte on a computer with NO internet access?

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I have figured out how to transfer the prep file for 2020 and the program has been successfully installed from a CD.  When opening the program for the first time I get the error message "ouauth.platform.intuit.com."   How do I resolve this?


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"How do I resolve this?"

Get hooked up to the internet?

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15
Level 15

I think you'll have to be connected to the internet at least to complete the install and licensing.

User FIDO 61
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Chicken, may I introduce egg. See linked Help Article for more detail ↓

NOTE: Before you can "sign in offline", you must first log in to Lacerte while connected to the internet. This will cache your login credentials on the computer that will be working offline. After this has occurred, you will no longer need an internet connection to login to Lacerte. However, once your password expires, you will need to connect to the Internet and login to Lacerte which will allow the system to cache credentials again.

Login to Lacerte While Working Offline

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