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Program will not install.

Desk top (used as a back up) is currently in a shop because the program would not install.  After considerable effort program installed on lap top.

After ten (yes 10) failed installations all with assistance (??) from LaCerte representatives I am right back where I started.  

Friday was to be the call back day from technical support.  Nothing done.

It's in the shop because I was told by LaCerte reps that Windows 10 was a necessity.  Laptop used 10, Desktop 8.  10 is now installed and program does not work.

It's been over a week that this nonsense has been going on.  I am not a rookie, having used LaCerte for somewhere around 25 years.  

A week of these calls is enough.  Yesterday I received a commitment from a representative that he would call my computer firm.  No call.  This is a follow up of the previous day when there was no call back.  And two previous days when there was no call back.

Talk about slippage in service.

I would like the name and number of whom I can call to get this resolved to make arrangements for interactions with my computer guy.

Please furnish the name and number of who I contact on what is soon to be the 11th attempt at installation service.

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Try the new Lacerte Tool Hub https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/help-articles/help/fix-common-problems-and-errors-with-the-l...

Once installed it can be used to install the software, even for way back years (I just did 2005), repair the program, do printer & pdf repair. It seems to work well and saves the grief of the ever aggravating call to support. If you have an anti virus software, it may warn you about installing it, since it is a new bit of software and the AV programs do not have it on their white list of good guys.


Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
Level 2

The approach you have suggested has already been tried.

13 calls to LaCerte.  Computer sits in the office of my computer consultant and now LaCerte will not call him back.

and I pay money for this level of nonsense.

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