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Indiana Individual Return Rejected with PTET Credit

Level 3

I e-filed an Indiana Individual Return for a client who has a K-1 that reports a PTET Credit on line 10.  I entered the K-1 in Lacerte with the credit and it correctly populates on Indiana Schedule 5, Line 3.  I also attached a pdf version of the Indiana K-1 and referenced the Indiana Schedule 5.  No problems.  

However, when I e-filed the return, the federal return was accepted, but the Indiana return was rejected with this message: 

Error S5-IT40-028: If line 3 on Credits Schedule 5, "PassThruEntityTaxCredit", is not null or zero, it must equal the sum of "PassThruEntityTax" amounts on attached K1s. 

I called support and they were...less than helpful.  Does anyone know how to resolve this?  

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