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Filing Instructions - Summarized on Cover Letter vs Filing Instruction pages

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HI All,

I'm trying to figure out which options to select in Lacerte to get all of the filing instructions, refund/owe, etc. summarized on the cover letter page for Federal and all states. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you!


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The cover letter has most everything you want. You can edit and customize, but as it is when installed should have most of what  you  want. 

Settings > Client Letter will present you with the ability to edit the paragraphs of the letter. The process is clunky, but doable with patience.

Settings > Options > Items to print is where you lay out print order and what  you want to include. e.g. Client Copy - I include worksheets and depreciation schedules. Government Copy I put invoice on top, followed federal and state estimates and the 8879 forms for e-file (or full return if mailing, but that is real rare)

I do not use Slip sheets. I have personally found them of little use, as the client letter contains everything. For the 1040 you can make entries in Screen 47 - Letter Misc 1 will make an opening statement on the client letter and Letter Misc 2 will make a closing statement. PRESS F1 to get

Add notes to a tax return

  1. Click the Detail tab.

  2. At the Contents tab, click the Notes screen.

  3. To create a new note, select the type of note under Print As, and then click Add.

To edit an existing note, click the note in the list on the left.

  1. Click the Spell Check button to check the spelling of the note.

If you add a note for Letter Misc 1 and Misc 2, you can format the font and alignment of the note text using the toolbar at the top of the note.

Use the font lists and the buttons on the toolbar to format the notes.

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns
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Level 2

Thank you for these details but this is not what I was looking for, I understood how to do these items.  What I was trying to figure out was how to force the system to summarize the information on the cover page versus a couple lines on the cover page with filing instructions behind it. 

I figured it out, I have to put NO to filing instructions in the main options area in each module to get that full summary on the cover page to the client.  

Thanks much!