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Estimated tax reminder letters

Our previous software printed client Quarterly estimated tax letters.  We kept them in a file and mailed them at the appropriate times throughout the year.  Is there a way to print these in Lacerte?  Or is it an email function?  Either way, how would it be done?  TIA

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That sure sounds like a relic of The Old Days.  Here, we have a state law that requires us to report suspected cases of elder abuse and neglect, when people aren't able to manage their own financial affairs.  Are you sure that's not happening with your clients?  My dentist doesn't send me an email every morning, reminding me to floss.  My bank does send a monthly mortgage statement, and the utilities still mail monthly bills although I pay online.  Did your clients ask for this service, or is it just something that you do because it has always been done?

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You could send the client the filing instructions. (a) print all and put them in a folder, then mail as each quarter approaches or (b) print each quarter and mail (e-mail).


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