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E-Organizer - Client Side

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So looking at E-Organizer.  These articles have broken links (press all the buttons)

Sending an E-Organizer - The first item in the first link goes to E-Organizer Step-by-Step Guide, but it takes me to  (https://federation.intuit.com) which does not my credentials (and I never heard of).  Near the bottom there is a link to the client side process, Opening an E-Organizer Sent from the Tax Preparer  which is a dead link and title not found when searching.

Importing an E-Organizer


If I create and send an E-Organizer to a client, when they open it (run the EXE), it apparently creates a folder called C:\E-Organizer\[files].

There is no entry that I see in Add\Remove Programs.

What is the proper way to remove\uninstall this from a client PC?

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@IntuitBettyJo can send out her team to fix the broken links. (Honestly, I surprise any of the links in the article of the first link work, so 1 out of ... is not too bad. I am really impressed by the fact that the first one labeled New! is broken. The rest of the broken ones is not such a surprise.)

My recall is that the client side just puts a shortcut on the desktop and you delete by using: Right Click > delete 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback on this one.  I alerted our content team and they should update ASAP. 

-Betty Jo 

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Level 5


The EXE leaves a shortcut and also creates a folder in the root.  The EXE does not behave like a standard installer, indeed is surreptitious about it's activities. It indicates it's contacting the download center and then goes to the password prompt.  The folder is already created and the shortcut indicates the path in C:\.  It offers no notice that is installing something and offers the user no choice in it's location.  There is no uninstall option in the folder, menu or program.  If a PC-tech were to look at this it would look like a virus or other suspicious item. 

It appears that deleting the folder leaves behind at least one registry entry, which is an application path (minor but still wrong).

@IntuitBettyJo  please review and escalate
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