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e-file outstanding client client report taking too long

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We have an issues that is unique to Lacerte 2019 when trying to run the "e-file outstanding client client report".   When this report is run on a workstation it takes forever to complete.  I have noticed that the LAN traffic pegs at around 100% while this report is trying to run. 

HOWEVER, the LAN traffic on the server barely blips and no one else complains about network slowness.

Also, this issue spans different PC hardware types, we have updated the LAN drivers.  The same slow behavior happens on a Windows Server 2012 R2 (fully updated) server on the *same* Gig-E switch as the server with the shared data.  

The problem DOES NOT occur if the iData folder is copied to the C drive of the PC and run (because, obviously, the LAN is not being used).

Finally, this problem does not occur with the 2018 program when running the same report. 

Anyone have any ideas?

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