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DocuSign and Submission ID on 8879

Susan K
Level 2

I'm trying to understand why when I open up an 8879 that has been signed via DocuSign, there is a message that says "at least one signature is invalid".  In addition, the Submission ID is blank.  The 8879 is signed and since I have been communicating with the taxpayer, I know they have signed it.  

I also know that sometimes the clients tell me that the knowledge based questions have nothing to do with them and they fail it, so if I can, I sent the Docusign with a passcode instead of the knowledge base questions.  

I have another 8879 that has the Submission ID number printed on the signed Form 8879.  The one I'm questioning above has been signed but there is no Submission ID on the signed Form 8879.

I'm not sure what this means or what I need to do when I get a notice that says "at least one signature is invalid".  Why is it saying that and why is there no submission ID on the 8879.