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Complaint regarding billing....now I must wait for a call back within the next 2 days

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I called Lacerte customer support today and  spent over an hour on the phone with a rep from the billing department. I realized over the weekend that I will end up paying Lacerte over $11,000 this year in individual rep fees and for $5,900 I could have purchased the Lacerte 200 package. The rep told me there is nothing that can be done and I need to just focus on next year. I am outraged at how little Lacerte cares about its customers. I have been using Lacerte for over 20 years as well as other Intuit Products. I was told that there is no one to speak to at this time and another rep will be calling within 48 hours. She also advised me to post my complaint on this forum??? I find this unacceptable customer service. Shame on Lacerte for being such a greedy business partner and shame on me for expecting more. Small practices beware.....based upon my findings today I think it is fair to say that Lacerte is just out to get every penny they can from you regardless of your continued loyalty. Very disappointing. 

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