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Capital Construction Fund for 2021

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My client had a CCF deduction for 2021.  We had to paper file because of the CCF deduction.  IRS will not recognize the deduction because Lacerte reports it incorrectly on line 13 instead of the correct line 15 (according to Publication 595, Page 3).  I called Lacerte and the customer service rep put it an inquiry.  I just received an email from Intuit Customer Success that the case has been closed and "This unexpected behavior has been reviewed by development and will not be addressed in 2021. This will be reviewed for Lacerte 2022."   That is wrong! Lacerte needs to fix this error. That response leads me to believe that Lacerte knows it is incorrect, but since I am the only one that has reported the issue, it is not worth fixing it for 2021.  I was instructed to do it manually on a PDF. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Monica79.

Thanks for your feedback and I understand your frustration, unfortunately this change was not prioritized for the TY21 product at this time, but after some research I can see this was reviewed and addressed in the TY22 product! When you get to it. let us know if it the deduction is reported on line 15 as you reported. 

Happy filing! 



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