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Cannot work offline in Lacerte.

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I am UPSET!  For all the years I have used Lacerte there has been a way to sign in offline and certainly to work offline.  I do this for SECURITY reasons.  What is going on?!!  Not only can I not sign in offline but I have difficulty working offline.  LACERTE DOES NOT NEED TO BE CALLING HOME EVERY 5 MINUTES.  I need to be online to use online services but just to do data entry, it is not necessary.  Also, I don't know about the internet service where you are, but sometimes the internet goes down here.  I work both in a larger city and sometimes in a rural area.  Let's get this functionality back!!!!!!!  We need to be able to work offline.  Thank you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

This unexpected behavior has been reported to development for further review. Status updates will be provided via email after contacting support. Create a case with Lacerte with open investigations: 2022 Internet Connection Required Message When Attempting to Work Offline. 

Here's how to contact Lacerte for help. 

If I receive any updates, I'll reply on this thread. 

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Thanks Gabi.... BUT that's a load of crap.  This issue was reported WEEKS ago (mainly for PS, but same situation).   It needs to be fixed.  Not all of those of us that pay money to Intuit live in big cities.  Some of us live in rural areas.  Like me.   Blizzard conditions for 36 hours so far so internet is intermittent.  I understand that isn't the fault of Intuit; but for Intuit to not allow us to work off-line this year is just NOT acceptable.  And to ignore the issue for weeks is unconscionable.  And don't use 'security' as an excuse; it's rather hard to get hacked when you aren't on-line, right?

I'd find the previous threads for you.... but has anyone mentioned that the search function here sucks? Please add me to the 'email' thread for when this is fixed - I'm not going to call support to just get in the queue as I have 3' of snow to go shovel.

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