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CA 3840 is different from Fed 8824

The amounts for each form are different. How do I get separate amounts for each?


(See other thread from last week for the reasons.)

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400K of boot is not taxable for Fed but it is taxable for CA.  So, California tax basis of the acquired assets needs to be higher than Federal tax basis by 400K.  But the Calif Form 3840 input fields don't allow different amounts from Federal.

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@IntuitGabi Hi Gabi

Diana assisted me yesterday afternoon at 4:30 p.m., and said she would send me a performance review survey.  I didn't get it.  Could you try to reach out and let her know.


This info might be useful:

Case: 15120534383 IVA HelpWithReturn_Plus [ thread::SrG8N3mddFmYQg6W2iOpc1o:: ]