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Adding engagement letter to E-Sign by default

Level 2

Every time I want to add the engagement letter to my e-signature requests I have to upload it to Lacerte. When I get to the send screen it makes me format the engagement letter on Docusign's website to mark where the client has to sign and date.

Is there a way to save the engagement letter in the default settings so I don't have to manually do this 100+ times?


Thank you.

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Level 8
Level 8

Not to my knowledge.

Are you sending the EL separately at the start of the engagement?  If you aren't, I recommend doing so.

Talk to your professional liability ins co. I use CAMICO, and they have a clause in their template that client implicit accepts the terms of the EL by 1) signing EL, 2) providing tax docs, 3) e-signing end tax returns. They've told me that statement is binding, so if I offered the EL to client upfront, they won't sign it, but they continue to use my services, I can hold them to the terms of it if needed.

Also, I use Ignition for my ELs and pmt collections. Automates so much and is SO worth it IMO.  Reach out to me via private msg if you want a referral link to demo it or a link to a sample proposal to see what it looks like to clients.

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