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2023 LINK has invitations pending - why?

In the hosted environment, the TY 2023 program says that Link invites are pending. But no invitations have been sent.  The 2023 pending invites are for the clients who used Link in 2022 so maybe they were automatically sent. I don't know.

Should I delete those invitations?  

Is this because the TY2022 clients were not marked done?

How do I learn efficiently - calling support beneficial?

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Link has not customized the task list!  It has a general questions that don't pertain to the client (e.g. K-1 from a trust). Why doesn't Link have a specific list tailored to the clients actual 2022 taxes?   What am I missing?

There isn't guidance that is easy to find that is relevant to using Link in the Hosted environment. Any help is appreciated.

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The support tried to help me but couldn't.  He didn't know why 2023 client link activity would mirror the 2022 activity. He suggested moving beyond a diagnosis of the problem in order to "move forward" to accomplish what I need to do for 2023. 


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As far as I am aware, that is how Intuit Link works.  Anyone invited to 2022 who did not accept their invite, when proform'd to 2023 will show as Invitation Pending even though we never sent a 2023 invite.  (Can't remember your other comments, but will look through.  We do use Intuit Link, even if I am not a fan.)

Thank you.

I'm not a fan only because it isn't worth the time to learn when only 4 of my clients want to use it. But I do want to keep learning about it.

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