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The following diagnostic is generating:

Use of the e-file PIN requires the Paid Preparer to have a PIN. The Paid Preparer PIN must be five numbers and not all zeros. To enter the Paid Preparer PIN please go to Settings -> Options -> Preparers tab and verify the Preparer's PIN OR in Screen 4, e-File PIN Main Form -> ERO's PIN ${[O]}.


To address this error globally for all returns assigned to this preparer in this module go to Settings > Options > Preparers tab, open the correct preparer and enter a 5 digit number in ERO's PIN. This number is made up by the preparer and can be any 5 digit number they wish. It's used to identify this preparer from other preparers in the firm who should have their own 5 digit numbers. You can also override this one return by clicking on the diagnostic in the Diagnostics tab or go to Detail screen 4.1, Paperless Filing - Overrides and enter a 5 digit number in ERO's PIN.

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