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The following diagnostic is generating:

This return includes Form 7203. This form is currently in development and should be available by March 1, 2022. Please hold this return until Form 7203 is available in the program. As an alternative, you may manually prepare and attach Form 7203 to the return for both paper and e-filed returns.



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After today's update, a similar diagnostic is present:  CA form 7203 is not inc

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Spidell Publishing contacted the FTB, who said they are not releasing their own form 7203, so Spidell suggested that the FTB contact Intuit to address this erroneous diagnostic.  Let's see who's right, but in the meantime, you can e-file returns without the CA form 7203 without being rejected.  Lacerte still has the bogus diagnostic about Pub 536 not being available, which it has been as of Feb 28th, but Lacerte hasn't removed the diagnostic yet.  Lots of fumbling going on at Lacerte this year, including the e-file latency that mysteriously also affected even normal program use last Monday...

Sunday 8 a.m. March 27.  Intuit has not fixed it yet.

Tuesday 4 p.m., March 29. Intuit has not fixed it yet.