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The following critical diagnostic is generating: One or more Federal W-2, Box 10 Dependent Care Benefits amounts have been entered on this return. Massachusetts does not conform to the Federal increased exclusion from gross income for employer provided dependent care assistance.....etc....etc... My client has an amount on the return, exactly at the number which is allowed, but I am receiving this critical diagnostic and can not proceed to complete the return. The customer service team at Lacerte has been useless in this matter. Can anyone make a suggestion??

Dealing with the exact same issue.... can't figure out how to get rid of this. I will update if I figure it out...

Can you turn off the efile validation?

I'm currently struggling with this same diagnostic - anybody find a solution yet? I'll post if I do... 

Has anyone tried to disable the error and file the return? We are getting the diagnostic not only when the benefits on the w-2 are $5000, the Massachusetts maximum, but also when the benefit is less than that maximum.

@madeleinerose Why don't you give it a try?