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The following diagnostic is generating:

Schedule 1: For electronic filing purposes, the total Other income reported on line 8 must equal the sum of all other income amounts on the other income statement.  Please review your entries for other income in the Miscellaneous Income screen and make the necessary adjustment otherwise the return will need to be filed as a conventional paper return (ref  #55596)  Apparently a balance of Zero with anything entered and backed out is creating the problem.  


Solution:  This is an IRS issue that needs to be resolved, but for now if you want to list items from forms 1099 NEC, for example under Income from Self-Employment on Screen 14.1 (Miscellaneous Income) and then back them out (i.e. zero them out) and show the total on Schedule C, you can list them, and just include another extra item for $1 with a description and back out the actual 1099 amounts, but leave a $1 balance on this screen and it will clear the diagnostic.  

..... INV-57833