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The following diagnostic is generating:

efile: For Schedule IT BUS. Part 4, Business Sources, one or more 6-digit NAICS code(s) is missing.  This code is required by the state for this schedule.  Please review all business income activities/schedules (Sch C, Sch E, Sch F, K-1s, etc.) and confirm the NAICS codes are entered.  Alternatively, as in prior years, business activities can be manually entered and linked in the OH State Income screen. (ref. #54889)

Enter the Principal business code input field for OH on each Income section where there is activity in Screens 16,18,19 and 20 AND in Screen 50.121 under State & Local even if the business code is already present in one or the other sections.  Entering in both areas will clear the diagnostic.

Please review the primary input screens 16 Schedule C,18 Schedule E,19 Schedule F, and 20.1, 20.2 and 20.3 for each activity to confirm the NAICS code has been entered where a Principal business code (Ctrl+T) {OH} is present.  Next, in Screen 50.121 to enter the NAICS code even though this is listed as an override. The combination of the two will ensure the OH IT Bus field is populated with a 6-digit NAICS code, which will clear the diagnostic so that the return can be e-filed.


Important - All Business activities need to be entered into Screen 50.121 whether they are Ohio or not.

Example: If you have 4 Ohio Rentals and 2 Non-Ohio K-1's, All 6 activities need to be entered in Screen 50.121 with an NAICS code.


Enter the OH Principal Business code in both income section screens AND screen 50.121 under state and local section

Example of input for OH Principal business code under Income screen: 

Schedule C Example - 

image (8).png

Schedule E Example - 

image (7).png

Schedule F Example - 

image (9).png

Example of 20.1 Partnership - 

image (4).png

Example of 20.2 S-Corp - 

image (5).png

Example of 20.3 Estate or Trust - 

image (6).png


Using Screen 50.121 to also enter the NAICS code:

Please verify that the Activity Number field is populated, then enter the Principal Business Code using the input field provided. You will do this for each activity present from the income section screens of the program.

image (10).png