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The following diagnostic is generating:

Montana Schedule K-1, Part 5, Line 3a is blank for one or more partners. Montana requires pass-through withholding on all second-tier pass-through entities, regardless of domicile and all partners who are a foreign C Corporation, non-resident individual, trust or estate, or other non-resident entity that 1) has a distributive share of Montana income of $1,000 or more, 2) did not elect to be included in a composite tax return, and 3) did not have a valid Form PT-AGR on file. To have the program automatically generate the withholding amount, replace ""MT"" with ""US"" in the Resident State input field and remove the year entry in the PT-AGR input field in the Partner Information screen or enter the amount of withholdings in the ""Nonresident partner's withholding (-1=none) [O]"" input field in the Schedule K-1 Miscellaneous screen.


Partnership Screen 7>Montana Information has a ""Composite Filer?""checkbox and has ""Year consent agreement was signed"" which indicates they have a PT-AGR on file will not clear when PT-AGR is reason in 2018 Lacerte : If a partner is a MT resident pass through entity (SCO PAR) and has a valid PT_AGR year on file (and entered in the subclient info), the diag is not applicable for that partner. If a partner is NOT a MT resident pass through entity (SCO PAR), they are not allowed to file a PT_AGR year and should not have input entered in the subclient info. The diag is triggered but due to incorrect input for the PT-GR year in subclient. If a partner is a MT resident pass through entity (SCO PAR), they are allowed to file a PT_AGR and enter a valid date. The diag is trigger for that partner to inform them to change the resident status to US, but then they should also remove the PT_AGR as it is no longer appropriate.

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