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The following diagnostic is generating:

When Schedule Q, Line K has ""Yes"" checked for question 1 or 3, then a country of the ultimate parent must be present.


CA Form 100 Schedule Q Line K Question 1 will mark Yes if: Screen 2 Officer Information>% of Common Stock Owned is greater than 50 percent -AND/OR- Screen 45.011 California Miscellaneous>Questions (Form 100)>More Than 50% of Voting Stock>Owned by single interest: 1=yes, 2=no [O] is 1 CA Form 100 Schedule Q Line K Question 3 will mark Yes if Screen 6>California Information>More than 50% of this and one or more other corporations owned or controlled, directly or indirectly by the same interests is checked Country of Ultimate Parent field is on Screen 45.011 California Miscellaneous in the Questions (Form 100) section in the More Than 50% of Voting Stock subsection Country of ultimate parent... dropdown

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