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The following diagnostic is generating:

Attach Form MO-2NR or Form MO-NRP for the Missouri Nonresident Partner or S Corporation Shareholder Tax Withheld. (ref. #4901)


This diagnostic generates when there is Credit for state estimates/withholding paid entered on a pass-through from either a partnership of an S-Corporation.

The Form MO-2NR comes from both the MO-1065 and MO-1120S, while the Form MO-NRP only comes with the MO-1065.

A copy of the forms would have to be scanned to a PDF on the preparer's computer.

To attach a PDF to the Missouri e-file return:

  1. On the Detail tab, go to Screen 4 - Electronic Filing.
  2. Select e-file PDF/Miscellaneous in the upper portion of the left navigation panel.
  3. Select PDF Attachment.
  4. Select Attach PDF.
  5. Select Browse Files.
  6. Locate and select the PDF to attach.
  7. Click the button labeled Open.
  8. Click the button labeled OK.
  9. Verify that the No button is selected under Send PDF attachment with federal return.
  10. Mark the checkbox labeled Send PDF attachment with Missouri return.

Note: This diagnostic will not disappear. It is not an e-file critical diagnostic and will not stop the return from being e-filed. After the PDF has been attached, simply check the the box next to the diagnostic to cross it out.

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