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The following diagnostic is generating:

Shareholder #{PrefixNum}: Form NC-NA must be attached to the e-file. Once attached, indicate the shareholder number to which the form applies in the Electronic Return File Attachments screen.


The state requires this form to be PDF attached for e-file purposes. First you must create a PDF copy of form NC-NA for each Shareholder: 1. On the Forms tab select the form NC-NA. Ensure you are the first shareholders copy. 2. Click on Print Form at the top right. 2. On the pop up click on Settings 3. De-select Printer and check the box File(PDF) and click OK 4. Click OK on this pop-up. 5. Enter an appropriate name in the Name field and save the file to a location easy to navigate to *You must repeat this step for each shareholder/each diagnostic error. Next, you will need to attach this PDF to the State return: 1. Go to Screen 3.2, Electronic Filing. 2. Click Attach PDF. 3. Click Browse Files. 4. Locate the saved PDF of the NC-NA form. 5. Select the saved PDF. 6. Click Open. 7. Click OK. 8. Mark the checkbox to Send PDF attachment with the State return. 9. Open the drop-down menu 'Form line or instruction reference' under the State, 10. Look for form NC-NA and select it. 11. The next line down enter the corresponding nonresident shareholder for this PDF. *You must repeat this step for each shareholder/each diagnostic error. This will de-trigger each of the diagnostics encountered.

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