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The following diagnostic is generating:

The routing transit number (RTN) for direct deposit of refund is invalid or missing for the Financial Institution.  The RTN should be nine characters long and must start with 01 thru 12 or 21 thru 32. RTNs are validated against a check digit, which is the ninth digit of the RTN. If the computed check digit does not match the check digit input, the refund cannot be directly deposited. Note: Preparers should obtain the RTN from a check and not a deposit slip. A deposit slip is an internal bank document and the RTN on a deposit slip is not necessarily the same as the RTN a check. (ref. #421)


Federal banking rules prohibit taxing agencies from honoring requests for electronic funds withdrawal or direct deposit when the funds for the payment (or refund) would come from (or go to) an account outside the United States. Therefore, if this box is checked, the taxpayer must pay any amount due by check, money order, or credit card (if allowed); or if requesting a refund, will be sent a check to the mailing address on their return.For e-File purposes and for states that print the financial institution information on their forms, if the IAT indicator is checked, none of the financial institution information will print or be present in the e-File.For the federal return, the IAT indicator will have no effect on the program.These codes are simply supplied here to be used on the state’s return.For federal/state or multiple state returns using the same financial institution, simply enter the information once in these fields.

Note: The effect of this is the SWIFT global banking system can not be used to make payments or receive refunds electronically. There is no workaround for this. At present, only the ACH system can be used, which is for the transfer of funds within the United States. This is not a program limitation but rather compliance with IRS and Federal banking rules.
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