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The following diagnostic is generating:

Form 593 Item # {PrefixNum}: Preparer Name, Escrow Company Name and Preparer Daytime Phone Number is required for e-file purposes for Escrow or Exchange Information. Please verify the Preparer of Form 593 information entered in the Part-Yr./Nonres. Information screen. Please note that real estate withholding already entered in the Dispositions screen should not also be entered in the Part-Yr./Nonres. Information screen.


Check Screen 17.1>CA Real Estate Withholding (Form 593) Screen 55.012 Check to see if also getting critical e-file diagnostic 19618...if there's an entry in Screen 22>Additional Disposition Information>Real estate withholding {CA} it causes that diagnostic and others. That field should not be used for e-filing and Screen 55.012 should be used instead

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