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The following diagnostic is generating:"e-file: Disposition #_: Date acquired missing. (ref # 2057515) I batch my 1099-B data and just enter an override for whether it's ST (1) or LT (2) and don't have to enter a bunch of negative dates. Just went to print a return and suddenly have these critical diagnostics for all such entries. They are still routing to the right 8949 forms. Is this a new change? Any tips other than entering negative dates, which I find to be a bunch of duplicate work that just makes prep and review take longer?
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if I enter negative dates for various, I get a diagnostic warning in my NJ program, advising me NJ does not accept various for a date!!!

and yes, this is new.

the question is: is this a Lacerte issue (soon to be fixed) or truly an IRS e-file issue?

can we disable diagnostic warnings and re-submit to get acceptance?

That's an interesting idea. I haven't tried to suppress diagnostics and efile with it.

I'm in CA, with only one NJ client at the time that's already filed and done.

I found out from a FB group (Lacerte Rescuers!, highly recommend) that this was a system update.  Didn't find out more details than that, but it suggests that Intuit doesn't deem this a glitch to be fixed.  Ugh!

I would call Lacerte Support on this to either troubleshoot or get this raised up the flagpole for an enhancement request to try and fix.  I'm sorry you're having this roadblock come up for you now.

So it has been 2 weeks since this happened. I just tried to run a 1040 and both old and new entries with 1 or 2 for S/L are giving this diagnostic. Quite annoying.

Updated my program this morning (9/20/2022) and the warning is gone!

I guess it was a Lacerte creation. "Nice" communication from them.

I was told there was no write up on this less than 2 weeks ago. 

One hand doesnt know what the other hand is doing I guess.

Larry Lacerte where are you?