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The following diagnostic is generating:

e-file: Georgia Credit Usage and Carryover Schedule has credit code 125, Qualified Education Expense Credit. Please enter the necessary information to file Form IT-QEE-TP2. (ref. #2049303)


Critical e-file diagnostic Form new to Lacerte in 2017


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I was able to clear this diagnostic by going into screen 53.204 and putting in the type of taxpayer (2=MFJ in my situation) and then typing in the carryover amount into the "Total amount expended" box.  I ignored everything else in this screen since I did not have any current year qualified expenses to recognize.  This did not double my carryover amount despite the same exact amount also being reflected in screen 53.202 as a Credit carryover.  Therefore, the carryover amount to the subsequent tax year is correct.