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The following diagnostic is generating:

"If Form 1040, Amount Overpaid is greater than Estimated Tax Penalty, then the sum of Refund Amount, Amount Applied To Next Year's Estimates, and Estimated Tax Penalty must be equal to The Amount You Overpaid. You may need to adjust the entry for the Amount Applied To Next Year's Estimates to resolve this difference. If the difference is because the amount(s) payable for Section 1291 Interest and/or Section 1294 Interest is reducing the Refund Amount, this return will not be able to be electronically filed and will need to be filed as a conventional paper return." (ref.20092)


Refund Amount + Amount Applied to Next Year's Estimates + Estimated Tax Penalty = Amount You Overpayed 
Adjustments may need to be made in Screen 7.1 and Screen 59 in order for this calculation to be correct.

You may also try removing the entry in Screen 59, Code 45 to clear it. At the bottom of Screen 59 there is a field called "Overpayment Applied to 2021 Estimated Tax."

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