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Employees Disappearing

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Yesterday I went into one of the companies we do work for and all the employees were gone from the system.(Now this is the same for more than one I did the data file utilities and data file/ index repair, but that did not fix it. Also, waited on a call back for over 4 hours and they did not call until late yesterday evening after I had gotten off. Anyone know what to do to repair this issue? 

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I don't but maybe our new EasyAcct super hero @IntuitAngee will.

Slava Ukraini!

Good Morning laughlinfs, 

I would also recommend that we start with a reboot of your machine prior to trying the Data File/Index Repair to rule out any issues with locked files. The employee list is stored in a single file named EMPL.xxx where the xxx is the 3 character company ID. If the file exists in your Current Data Path, a Data File/Index Repair should bring them back. However, if the file is missing from Current Data Path it will have to be restored from a backup. You can check Current Data Path outside of EasyACCT by navigating to it in File Explorer. 

If you restored just the EMPL.xxx file, this would bring back just the employee list, not any checks or balances for the employees (those are stored in different files), so you will not be overriding or deleting any completed work by restoring. 

Thank you for your post in the Accountants Community!


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