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EasyAcct support screwing with my Registry

Has anyone else had their computer go hire wire after EasyAcct support suggested deleting a file in the registry??  EasyAcct & IRS would not load on my Win10 system, so they had me go in and delete a duplicate name file in my registry. Since that time, I cannot get to my original user profile or desktop and all my settings are screwed up.  Nice job you idiots. Right in time for the new tax season.

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@IntuitAngee  I don't think this is going to be fixed by the scheduled update.  Can you help out a frustrated EasyAcct customer?

Slava Ukraini!

Good Afternoon Barnes Financial Group, 

Typically when support is helping you to delete any registry keys, we are deleting keys either in the EasyACCT folder or the pendingfilerenameoperations key in Session Manager. Are these the keys you are referring to? Both would affect the EasyACCT program or the install respectively. Neither of these keys have any impact on your Windows user profile or any Windows settings and likely not the cause for any Windows issues. 

Also, before making a change in the registry, we usually walk you through saving a backup of your registry, do you know if this was done? You may be able to restore the backup of your registry to confirm if he impact was due to deleting these keys. 

Thank you for your post in the Accountants Community! 

I'm glad to see someone from Intuit coming on this discussion board finally.  I admire you coming into the line of fire.  There are many disgruntled customers here.  Hopefully the promised updates will fix all the glitches in the system.  I just cannot understand how this software can be so screwed up this year.  Sorry, just needing to vent!