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Alternatives to EasyAcct and Information Return System?

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Our office has used both EasyAcct and IRS (as well as Lacerte tax software) for 20+ years, but with the continued rising cost and declining product, it's time to start looking for something different and more reliable.   Many clients use QuickBooks, but I personally would rather use a professional write-up software to produce financial statements.  Wondering what others are/have used and how it might compare to the above Intuit products?

Just can't believe all of the bugs and issues this year trying to print 1099's! 

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I was thinking on just getting the Write-Up without the information return system and seeing if "Greatland" has anything for the W-2's and 1099's filing.  Or just use an online PR service like Patriot for client payrolls. I will be retiring in 4 years so I just am looking for Something to get me there.


Level 3

Thanks for the reply.  We will definitely use something different next year for 1099 preparation/filing.  Our office no longer prepares payroll in-house and now refer clients needing that service to use Paychex.  We have access to their online account so we can pull reports as needed to prepare financials.

EasyAcct/IRS just seems like its turned into a side project for Intuit to continue an income stream with minimal efforts.






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Also an EZ user since it was TASC Force.

Intuit bought them out and I hoped they would integrate the good attributes into their tax package.

No chance, they bought the customer list and tossed the old software. What a waste to not learn from acquired companies.

If no payroll or 1099s needed, Ez would be ageless, right?

Level 3

TASC Force, that's a name I haven't heard in YEARS!  Our use also goes back to those days as well.

I love the Financial Write-Up side, it's just the headaches with IRS/1099's this year that has me venting here in hopes that support is paying attention (dreaming I imagine).

Level 8

YES. Timeless like Pro Tyme Systems Inc was back in the days when they couldn't move from the DOS to Windows operating systems. We were able to Update the Payroll Tables manually after they went under for a few years after, but their Writeup system was very easy and like the EasyAcct.

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It's obviously been too many years since I believe it was actually TAASC (Tax and Accounting Software Corp).  We used to use both EasyAcct and their tax software.  We kept using EasyAcct for a few years and then decided to migrate out of the monthly write up business, but still use the Information Return System for W-2s and 1099s. I'm not sure why brave souls have stayed attached to EasyAcct for all of these years. It would be kind to say that Intuit has treated the brand as the ugly redheaded stepchild.  Instead that kid is so ugly they try to hide it away in chains down in dungeon.  I have no idea why they keep it.  Well, I guess I do.  They still have folks willing to pay for a software that Intuit doesn't invest more than some loose change in programming and support.  Unfortunately, the professional tax software is starting to go down the same path as EasyAcct.  Intuit loves the self help aisle in the bookstore and loves to sell products to all the DIYers out there in the form of Quickbooks and Turddotaxx.  


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