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EVERY YEAR I GO THROUGH THIS and I can't get around it.  I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW FRUSTRATED I AM WITH THIS SITE...................!~!~!!~~!!!!!!!


My CPA sends me a link to start my taxes here at Intuit.  I have No Idea what tax software she is using..  I am supposed to LOGIN...  and I CAN'T.


My problem is that I enter my email and that gets accepted then I have to use a password..  I have no Idea what it is... so my options are :  

a)  Get a code texted to phone*****31

b)  Get a Call to phone ****31

c)  Guess at the password again...



SO FYI   *****31 is a land line so you can't text **bleep** there...  or and by the by  *****31 Was a landline that was disconnected 5 years ago..   so......


I am FRUSTRATED...  cuz I have no options.

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"and the tried to create a new acct"

Why would you need to do this? I have had this same account since about 2007. And they send the confirmation code to my email address that is part of my account.

And my username is Not an email address, as you see here.

How many accounts did you create and use over the years, and which is the accountant trying to have you set up new? That isn't the point. It is one account for all things Intuit.

We really are not the people to help you more. Sorry.

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