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EVERY YEAR I GO THROUGH THIS and I can't get around it.  I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW FRUSTRATED I AM WITH THIS SITE...................!~!~!!~~!!!!!!!


My CPA sends me a link to start my taxes here at Intuit.  I have No Idea what tax software she is using..  I am supposed to LOGIN...  and I CAN'T.


My problem is that I enter my email and that gets accepted then I have to use a password..  I have no Idea what it is... so my options are :  

a)  Get a code texted to phone*****31

b)  Get a Call to phone ****31

c)  Guess at the password again...



SO FYI   *****31 is a land line so you can't text **bleep** there...  or and by the by  *****31 Was a landline that was disconnected 5 years ago..   so......


I am FRUSTRATED...  cuz I have no options.

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You posted a Community Suggestion for this peer user forum. I suspect you meant to log into "Intuit Link" which is here:


This is not customer support or tech support. This is peer users for Lacerte, ProSeries and ProConnect tax preparation programs.

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Level 15

Have you spoke with your CPA?

I think you need to have an Intuit account (maybe from TurboTax at one point?) to use Link. 

Sounds like the Email your CPA is sending the invite to is for an old Intuit account with old phone numbers and password you no longer remember.

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Having logged in here, the person has an Intuit account by having made this posting. Whether it is the same account used previously, or the same account associated with the same email address used by the tax preparer, would be a different issue to resolve.

I found a help article for logging in, by searching the web:




I need to contact a Human to get Intuit to change my phone number...  But in these times everything is automated so I can't get a human.   I am amazed I got this far.  I have never used Turbo Tax or anything other than my CPA...  and she sends me this Intuit Link that is supposed to make it all so easy....



".... we know gathering tax info can be a pain. To make things easier, we're using Intuit Link to build a custom checklist for you.

- We'll guide you through some questions, the documents needed, and let you know when you're done.
- It's much more secure than sending by email so your personal information is safe!
- Link can get digital documents from many banks faster and easier than by mail, or you can upload files from your computer.
- Use your phone to snap photos of your documents much faster than using a scanner.

Please sign up and get started.

Regards, ......."


The problem is I Can't Sign In....


QBTechmnt...   Thanx..  but the whole problem is I need to LOGIN to edit anything..  and I can't do that

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There is this one:


When I work with clients, I can do Screenshare which allows me to see their computer and even share mouse control, to resolve issues like this. I even use that tool with my mother, as she messes up her email functions quite often.

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"EVERY YEAR I GO THROUGH THIS and...My CPA sends me a link to start my taxes here at Intuit"

You might refer them to this topic, which explains you would already exist and they don't keep sending new invitations:


You are using this to upload documents; you are not starting taxes. It's a replacement for mailing stuff.


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One more article, for functions:


Sure hope that helps get you informed and get this resolved by your CPA.


Thank You once again for helping me out.....

I ran that link and the tried to create a new acct.  BUT...  Intuit already Knows me and won't budge.  so I tried to Recover account...and I am right back to Text me at (my landline)  or all me at (my Landline)  * my landline does not exist anymore.


THere is a 3rd option that says it takes longer..  I am going for that next


That 3rd option ust puts me to a CONTACT US Page...  it is totally usless.    Hence my User ID   SUPER-FRUSTRATED4409...   I had to use the word "SUPER" because I couldn't use the ...  other word I wanted to use.....

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