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Error Notifications


I love it when I open a return from last year and I see "Error" notifications as I know those are things that need completed. Make it so all forms used last year (ie: W-2's, 1099-R's, K-1's, Soc Sec, etc) come up with an error for the main input field (ie federal wage for a W-2 or gross distribution for the 1099-R, Line1 ordinary income for a K-1) until the form has been completed.  That way when a return is partially completed we still know which items aren't because they still show an error.

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Level 15

What software are you complaining about?

Level 15
Level 15

Yes, it would be nice if forms like the student loan interest,  educator expenses and social security worksheets lit up if they were used the year before.  The W2s and 1099Rs are easy enough to see in the list of Forms in use.

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