email marketing
email marketing

The Intuit Marketing Hub: All Growth. No Guesswork.

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You go the extra mile serving your clients; let us do the same to help you land them. Tap into our library of marketing resources and templates to grow your practice with less hassle and gain confidence at every stage — from setting your strategy to nurturing long-term relationships.

The Intuit® Marketing Hub is a free resource for tax and accounting pros where you can always find new ways to engage with clients and easily market your firm. It offers tools and resources to help you:

  • Set your strategy: Learn new ways to shape a marketing plan, build your own brand and set pricing strategy for your practice.
  • Get leads: Increase your leads and refine your strategies to connect with potential clients who fit your firm.
  • Onboard clients: Leverage our easy-to-use letter templates and other ways to get your new clients set up.
  • Stay connected with your clients: Show clients you care with personalized templates and appointment document checklists.

Sign into the Marketing Hub with your Intuit credentials to get access to premium content, advanced templates and more ways to help you grow.

Discover new marketing tools to help you grow your firm today. Visit the Intuit Marketing Hub.

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