Tips and Tricks for Advising E-Commerce Clients

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Chances are good that you have clients who sell products and services over the internet. While tax planning and preparation are not necessarily different than the same services you offer for brick-and-mortar clients, you could go a step further to help your e-commerce clients by providing various resources to help them find more customers, improve cash flow, and manage inventory and expenses.

The QuickBooks® Resource Center was created to serve end users of Intuit® accounting products, and it is a terrific central hub for articles, guides, tools, videos and much more. Here’s a short list your e-commerce clients can review. Be sure to give them the URL for the resource center, too.

The Intuit ProConnect™ Tax Pro Center is dedicated to helping you excel as a trusted advisor to your clients; we have many articles focusing on client relationships. Check them out!

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