Step into the Future of Accounting: Insights From QuickBooks® Connect

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Our world is constantly evolving, and so are the tools that we use to live, work and play. We – you, me, your friends and family, and your clients – all live in a connected world that now leverages data in amazing ways. Smart technology is changing the game and, believe it or not, will shape the future of accounting as the world further evolves and build on the internet of things.

The reality is that innovations in technology, such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning and on-demand peer-to-peer platforms, are already transforming industries such as medicine, mental health, financial and professional services. And, we’re seeing mobile devices take on new wearable forms that deliver and interpret information in ways that truly change lives.

Today, I had the opportunity to share these exciting trends with thousands of tax and accounting professionals and small business owners at QuickBooks® Connect. It was truly inspiring for me to engage accountants, small businesses and technologists, and exchange ideas with professionals who are already pioneering the accounting firms of the future. We shared our own ProConnect™ vision for the future that you can watch here:

You may be wondering: what does this mean? Is it really relevant to you? The answer is, yes!

At Intuit®, we spend countless hours researching you and your client, and we’ve learned a lot about what makes you tick. As an accounting professional, we know nothing is more important to you than making a real difference in your clients’ lives.

You aspire to be a financial coach who helps your clients succeed in ways they never thought possible. As access to data becomes universally available and automatically converted to insights for real-time distribution, the role of the accountant is changing. Technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence can help you provide highly personalized, anticipatory guidance to clients so they can improve their financial outcomes.

Your relationships with peers in tax and accounting, and in parallel services, are also changing. You and other professionals will need efficient ways to connect with each to deliver specialized services. Networks of permission-based relationships will evolve, with the accountant at the center of these engagements delivering differentiated value to their clients. Technology is powering peer networks for everything from therapy to dating. We’re going to help you use the same to grow your practice.

Technology will also enable the firm of the future to grow in a robust world of social, mobile, analytics and cloud services. You’ll operate in a world where there is no data entry, everything works together in one place in a precisely personalized manner. And, augmented reality, aided by sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or even GPS data, will help make all these interactions more efficient and beautiful.

We at Intuit are working on your behalf to help shape these opportunities for accountants and those you serve. We have a responsibility to connect you to innovations and technology that will enable you to better serve your clients. Together we will change peoples’ lives in new and better ways.

After all, we are living in a connected world where accountants can be in the center of their clients’ lives, helping fulfill their hopes and dreams.

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