staff in a tax and accounting firm
staff in a tax and accounting firm

ProConnect™ Tax Online Update: What’s New for 2016

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Although tax season is right around the corner, the Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online team is busy working on these new time-saving features coming soon for tax year 2016.

  • Split View: While entering data, you can quickly view the implications on the tax form, as well as navigate from tax form to input with just a few clicks. This feature saves time entering and viewing tax data.
  • Batch Processing: Allows the user to batch process the ability to carry client tax return data from prior year to current year, saving the tax preparer time on mundane tasks.
  • Enhanced Roles and Permissions: Provides more granular access control to firm and client data, giving you more control over firm information and access to client data at the user level.

The features above join a robust roster of new features already available in ProConnect Tax Online for tax year 2016.  Each of the new features below are in response to customer requests and will make you even more efficient in your tax workflow.

  • Summary Input (revival of a favorite feature we had pre-2012): This is a new review experience that gives you a quick summary view of current and/or prior year data. This feature provides faster review and allows for “quick entry” – if the taxpayer’s scenario hasn’t changed, then the tax preparer can go down the line and enter values for all of the data fields right next to last year’s data fields. It can make data entry a three-minute task.
  • K-1 Transfer: When preparing partnership, fiduciary and S-corporation returns, the tax preparer can generate a K-1. When the tax preparer switches to prepare the individual tax return associated with the business entity, the user can pull in the K-1 data from the tax return of the business entity. This feature saves time in data entry and improves accuracy.
  • Super Search: Search for any element in a tax return, such as the name, amount or line number, saving you time when looking for data to check or modify.
  • Improved Link Integration: With one click, you can send a request/document to a client from ProConnect Tax Online (no longer have to log into Link). You can also bring in the view of documents, submitted into Link by clients, into the product; as a result, you no longer have to log into Link to view them. This enhanced feature further integrates ProConnect Tax Online and Link, making it faster and easier for the accountant to use the client portal in tax return prep (no change for clients).
  • Global Note Taking: This feature allows preparers to take notes anywhere in the workflow and not have to leave a section to return to the Profile screen, where notes currently reside. Notes are visible to all preparers with access to the tax return. This feature provides faster note taking and less task switching.
  • QuickBooks® Online Accountant (QBOA) Integration: Get one-click access to all your accounting and tax clients’ files from one dashboard in QBOA. See exactly which clients need attention with e-file status alerts and other notifications that help you prioritize your work. Manage your accounting, tax, payroll and payments work all from one place, streamlining your end-to-end workflow with connected data and integrated applications.
  • Advanced Organizer: Allows the tax preparer to customize requests for tax information based on prior year information; as a result, requests only ask what is relevant for taxpayers based on their own tax situation. Configurable options are available.
  • Document Review: Quickly view all questions and requested documents from your customer in the context of the return; there’s no need to go back and forth across multiple locations.

For more information on ProConnect Tax Online, click here; in addition, check out the recorded webinar below.


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