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ProConnect™ Tax Council Member Profile: Heather Satterley, CPA

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Heather Satterley Updated HeadshotHeather Satterley, CPA, one of the newest members of the ProConnect™ Tax Council, offers quite a bit of experience and knowledge, not only with her knowledge of tax and accounting, but in training, use of various Intuit® products, and much more. Get to know Heather below.

Scott Cytron: Tell our readers about your practice.

Heather Satterley: My company, Satterley Business Solutions, is comprised of Satterley Training & Consulting and Satterley Accounting Services. Satterley Training & Consulting focuses on process automation and efficiency for accounting firms and their clients. Satterley Accounting Services is a bookkeeping and tax firm that helps small- to mid-sized businesses handle their day-to-day operations and tax representation.

SC: Why is the ProConnect Tax Council important to the profession?

HS: The ProConnect Tax Customer Council is important to the accounting profession because tax practitioners who are using Intuit products rely on Intuit to provide a voice for them. Technology is evolving in our industry; the Council facilitates practitioners having a say in how products evolve over time and whether they’re reflecting what’s happening in real practice.

For example, is the technology accurately reflecting tax law? This is super important because not only are the end users’ voices heard, but we’re able to contribute new ideas and help improve the software. I’m excited to collaborate with Intuit and my fellow Council members to help shape the future of the accounting industry. It’s truly an honor to be part of this diverse team and elicit positive change for the broader community of tax professionals.

SC: What kind of Intuit software do you use?

HS: I use it all! Intuit ProConnect Tax, QuickBooks Online Accountant, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks Time, and Intuit Practice Management. Yeah, I pretty much use everything!

SC: Tell me several ways COVID-19 impacted your firm and/or your clients?

HS: COVID-19 impacted our clients in a variety of ways. All our clients had to react quickly to the situation. Across the board, they recognized the importance of having a disaster plan in place. It truly opened their eyes to different ways they could innovate within their existing business model to stay relevant, survive, and service their customers. It also caused them to reflect on the culture within their firms. If they were solely a brick-and-mortar business, such as a manufacturing company, for example, they had to think “If this happens again, how do I protect my team?” Overall, COVID really highlighted the importance of staying proactive and thinking through long- and short-term strategies in the event of a disaster.

SC: What was your very first job?

HS: My very first job was a paper girl. I delivered newspapers in my neighborhood. 

SC: How can tax professionals keep up with all the changes in tax laws and regulations?

HS: The best way to stay up to date is through networking with other tax professionals and by remaining active in professional organizations. We should also set aside enough time to make sure we’re reading AICPA articles and staying on top of tax law. There are also webinars that are offered that can give us key information to stay in the know.

SC: If you were stranded on a desert island with access to just one kind of technology, what would it be, and why would you want it?

HS: The first thing that comes to mind is a water purification system. I’m bound to get thirsty on a desert island and you can’t live without water!

SC: Thanks Heather!

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